Based out of San Diego, California, truNootropics is the top rated supplier of highest quality nootropics. As a leader in the nootropic research we only carry the highest quality powders that have passed rigorous testing before entering the marekt. No fillers, no additives, no junk, no gimmicks - our goal is to provide only the best products for our customers. We obsessively test every single batch thoroughly via state of the art third party labs, as well as in house testing. 

At truNootropics, our goal is to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive pricing. All of our orders are processed and shipped the same day, and we are commited to providing a consistent and reliable products for all of your ongoing research needs.

Product Quality Guarantee
Every batch is tested for purity and heavy metal content prior to packaging. We pride ourselves on full transparency and provide a certificate of analysis on every product we carry.

Customer Service Guarantee
We continually provide the best customer service in the industry. With a comprehensive return policy and a twenty-four hour customer response rate, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions that we have not been answered on our site, feel free to send us a an email on our contact page. We will answer all forms of contact in no longer than 24 hours!

TruSciences, Inc.
San Diego, CA 92124
United States